Balacing the senses

Balacing the senses
6 July 2020 | Balancing the senses
Why is your customer going to choose your product over and over again?
It is not because of just 1 reason. At DP&S we believe that it has a great deal to do with balance. In particular with the balance of the senses. The look, feel, smell, taste and sound should be exactly right. Take for example these breaded chicken strips in this photo. How can you create the perfect balance?

 The chicken should not be too dry, the coating should be crunchy but not hard, the coating should also bring a pleasant and preferably a slightly spicy sensation. When you bite into the product it should, above all, entice you to take another bite. It is not only the taste, it is not only the texture that makes your customer decide to take another bite and to buy your product again.
You can create the balance in your product through the raw materials that you use and with the process that you apply. Selecting your chicken strips and the best marinade, applying the most suitable coating system and aligning your process will result in that perfect balance. This requires a joint effort of teamwork, understanding, transparency and the will to make your customer happy with your product.
DP&S offers to work together with you. We tailor make our BetterCoat* systems and our MariCore** systems for you so that your customer never hesitates and will always chooses your product!
There is more to tell you! Contact us and let’s manufacture your delicious product together!
*DP&S BetterCoat is our coating range, varying from tempura to breadcrumb to flour breading systems.
**DP&S MariCore is our marinade system that functions right to the core of the product.
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