Our Company

Dutch Protein & Services (DP&S) is based in Tiel, the Netherlands. We are a family-owned company with more than 50 years of experience as a supplier of functional ingredients in the food industry. As your supplier, DP&S takes the responsibility to offer & supply ingredients that are safe and controlled from field to product. Together with you, DP&S connects these ingredients to your process and your raw material in order to create the best and the most delicious product in an industrial environment. The 5 pillars of DP&S are: Product, Service, Quality, Innovation, and Reliability 


Customers both at home and abroad can rely on our ‘Dutch approach’. As a family-owned company, we live up to our promises, guarantee the utmost discretion and operate within a flat hierarchy to optimise decision-making and flexibility. At DP&S, we strive to achieve autonomous growth by helping to improve our customers’ market positions. In line with our international scope, we monitor the trends and developments throughout the global food industry in order to advise you on how to capitalise on current or future consumer demands at regional, national and/or global level.


Through us, our customers gain access to a range of ingredient concepts, many of which are protein-based. Our extensive knowledge and experience has convinced us that protein offers many functionalities and is essential in natural and well-balanced foodstuffs. Proteins contribute to the texture, consistency, taste, quality and success of your finished products. Our three basic product lines, DP&S marinades, DP&S bindings and stabilisers, and DP&S coatings, offer you an endless variety of combinations.


The DP&S logo symbolises the interaction between the key aspects of our approach. The black squares represent variables such as objectives, base materials, ingredients, equipment, knowledge, legislation and quality standards, while the black drops represent the smooth flow of all those variables into your company, where they converge. The red drop symbolises the desired finished product or concept that results from our successful partnership. Nearly all of our products are tailor-made, developed for specific customer requirements.


Without its loyal customers, Dutch Protein & Services would not exist. That’s why we are so committed to providing excellent service in terms of developing, applying and optimising manufactured food products, to working and responding quickly, and to offering delivery reliability. We are continually investing in the quality of our employees and our products. A prime example of this is Future Concepts, a department which has been set up with the clear aim of formulating and developing new product ideas in anticipation of consumers’ – i.e. your customers’ – future demands.

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