DP&S® Services

&ServicesReliable and Fast Deliveries

Dutch Protein & Services maintains on average a lead time of 5 to 7 working days for production and preparation of orders. All orders are freshly produced unless otherwise requested. This always ensures the freshest and highest product quality. A vast experience is present when it comes to shipments both inside and outside the European Union. DP&S organises all deliveries in close cooperation with her customers and agents or distributors and has built up extensive distribution networks. Reliability and speed are very important objectives and are an integral part of our business model and business objectives.


Complete Concept Development

Product concepts are designed within the Future Concepts Department (See DP&S Future Concepts under Company Info) or in full confidentiality with our customers. In both cases, the raw materials are transformed into new product concepts suitable for a variety of markets and countries. Conceptual thinking is involved in order to answer specific questions on ingredient and product technology, marketing, price, labelling, allergens, sustainability, efficiency or other relevant topics. DP&S works in close cooperation with leading research institutes, universities and equipment manufacturers to guarantee the best and newest ideas and concepts on a continuous basis. Innovation is key in order to continue to offer growth potential to our customers.


hmmProduct Development

A team of product developers and food engineers develops for Future Concepts (See DP&S Future Concepts under Company Info) and on confidential basis for customers. Additionally, all account managers and sales representatives have a technological background enabling additional product development capacity on the factory floors. Development of specific requirements for ingredients, products, recipes, qualities, applications, cost improvements, labelling and so on are included in the daily operations. Committing to fast, correct and efficient development is extremely important for DP&S and forms the centre of successful cooperation with our customers.


Production Set-Up Assistance

The Service of DP&S is never far away! The DP&S sales team stands for technology and experience. The true value of DP&S ingredients is proved in practise. To assist our customers to maximise this value the experts of DP&S are eager to work jointly together to fine tune recipes, production settings, qualities, procedures, and to assist in any other field required in order for you, our customer to become more successful.


All Know how that we have available

Due to the broad fields of activity in the food industry, the continuous investment in quality and loyalty of the DP&S Team, and the vast amount of contacts and relations, much Know-How has been built up in over 50 years of existence. It is embedded in the foundations of DP&S. All customers have automatic and free access to know-how that is available. DP&S considers the available know-how as automatic part of the product, service, and company image and believes that fruitful cooperation is based on exchange of know how.

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