DP&S® Future Concepts


Dutch Protein & Services® takes a dual-track approach to product development.

In many cases DP&S® is involved in customer-specific development projects, and these are by definition confidential. Needless to say, DP&S® cannot commercially exploit the results of exclusive development partnerships between itself and its clients.

However, innovation is essential in helping DP&S® to maintain its market position as one of the global food industry’s leading ingredient suppliers, and that’s where Future Concepts® comes in. Involving all the relevant disciplines from within – and if necessary beyond – DP&S®, Future Concepts® is continually working on innovation and product development: independently of our customers, yet ultimately for their benefit.

The Future Concepts® department uses market trends and technical /technological developments as the basis for ideas which it then develops into marketable concepts. These concepts are also tailored to individual customers’ needs as required.

Future Concepts® allows DP&S® to channel its innovative strength, fa-cilitating product de-velopment and giving shape to its visions of tomorrow and beyond – in other words, its ideas for future concepts.

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