DP&S® completes RiskPlaza audit+

DP&S® completes RiskPlaza audit+

In order to provide its customers with even more safety guarantees, DP&S® has now completed its first RiskPlaza audit+. This comes on top of the company’s existing food-safety certifications such as BRC 6 and HACCP, as described in the previous edition of DP&S NOW.

“More safeguards, more certainty for our customers – that’s what it’s about for DP&S®. It’s in food processing companies’ best interests to do business with suppliers who have been certified by a RiskPlaza audit+,” says Johan Mak, who is in charge of quality at Dutch Protein
& Services®.

Food manufacturers are responsible for the products that they source and sell. Needless to say, the quality of those products must be assured. However, it is not enough for a customer to simply rely on the supplier’s food-safety certificate. Clients are required to verify the food safety of sourced raw materials themselves.
“This is a problem for many companies in the food sector,” explains Johan. “Just imagine having to assess how each and every supplier has safeguarded food safety. That’s why the RiskPlaza audit+ system has been developed. In our case, it guarantees DP&S® customers that we are adequately managing the potential risks associated with raw materials and ingredients. We do so by ensuring that there are safeguards within our own suppliers’ operations and by performing various analyses within DP&S® itself.”
The RiskPlaza audit+ system uses the information contained in the RiskPlaza database about the risks associated with specific ingredients and the measures that can be taken to manage those risks.
For the RiskPlaza audit+, certifying body Lloyd’s recently conducted an extra audit at DP&S®, in addition to the food-safety certifications that the company already holds. The audit will be repeated annually. The RiskPlaza audit+ is aimed at ensuring the safety of food ingredients. During each audit, DP&S® is required to demonstrate that it has the potential risks associated with ingredients under control.

More information about the potential risks and the risk-management measures that are assessed in a RiskPlaza audit+ can be found on the RiskPlaza website. Once a supplier has successfully completed a RiskPlaza audit+, details are published on RiskPlaza.nl. If customers source products from a company which is RiskPlaza audit+-certified, they no longer need to verify the food safety of the raw materials supplied by that company. “RiskPlaza is an important pillar in the foundations on which food safety stands within DP&S®,” states Johan Mak, “And hence also within our customers’ operations.”

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