DP&S donates the Red Cross

DP&S donates the Red Cross

30 April 2020 | We have a lot of respect for the people who are very committed to their fellow men in this difficult time and we cannot and do not want to stand on the sideline.

DP&S would like to make a contribution to the society especially during this difficult period. To help and support, we have taken the initiative to donate to the Red Cross € 0.01 Euro per invoiced kilo, which took effect on the 25th of March for a period of at least 2 months. Learn more about the contribution of the Red Cross during the Corona crisis.

Be safe & take care of each other!


About the Netherlands Red Cross

The Netherlands Red Cross helps people in need. Especially now. The coronavirus spreads rapidly. Lots of people have questions and concerns. The Netherlands Red Cross ensures that the most vulnerable people in our society receive the help they need. We do this in various ways. We provide information through our social media channels and website. Anyone with concerns or questions can contact the Red Cross Helpline (070 – 44 55 888). We also help people with specific needs. For example, our volunteers run errands for people who are forced to stay inside. Besides that, our emergency response teams support GP posts and coordinate the collection of medical devices for healthcare professionals. This costs a lot of time, energy and money. However, the Netherlands Red Cross tries to help as many people as possible. Because that’s what we do.


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