Apart from a couple of applications, 3D food printing is still very much in its infancy. However, the Future Concepts® department at Dutch Protein & Services® rose to the challenge of surprising IFFA visitors with a suitable application for meat or fish. The Jet-Sign® helps you to really stand out.

DPS_3D3D food printing offers a wide range of advantages. It can be beneficial to public health and the environment by making it easier to use alternative sources of protein. It can also pave the way for personalised meal solutions or be a highly efficient way of making existing products more distinct. DPS® has chosen the latter approach.

“All food manufacturers are looking for ways of reinforcing their position in the market”
Innovative uses

“All food manufacturers are looking for ways of reinforcing their position in the market,” states R&D Manager Mark Dobbelsteen from Dutch Protein & Services®. In order to turn its ideas into practice, the Future Concepts® development department at DPS® sought contact with the company called De Grood Innovations in Nijmegen. Mark Dobbelsteen: “De Grood Innovations is a reputable and expanding company that is focused on the development and production of innovative printing systems for the food industry. De Grood Innovations has already received a nomination for a Food Valley Award for its FoodJet Printing Systems, which has mainly been used in the bakery sector so far. By working together, we’ve now also developed an innovative way of using it for meat or fish products.”

Unique appearance

With the new Jet-Sign® concept which is being unveiled for the first time at IFFA, DPS® enables manufacturers to give their products something extra and unique in terms of appearance, taste and texture. The R&D manager at DPS® explains this novelty as follows: “We make burgers which we first predust with a herb dust in a process called During the MEATinMEAT® Event in June last year, many attendees were able to get their first taste of the interesting new concept of the same name which uses existing techniques such as injection and coextrusion for new applications. Since then, numerous manufacturers of meat and meat-based products have expressed a strong interest, especially in the idea of injecting meat into meat. Natural ham However, DPS® hasn’t been resting on its laurels since its successful event in Tiel. At IFFA the innovative ingredients supplier will be presenting two commonplace products that benefit from both better quality and better profitability thanks to the MEATinMEAT® technology. For one thing, the method of injecting a ham with a brine that has been enhanced with an emulsion of pork off-cuts has a positive effect on the quality of the ham. “You can work with a higher injection percentage because injecting meat has a positive ‘3D dusting’. We fill the reservoir of the FoodJet Printing System with a powder and water mixture with a specific viscosity: the so-called 3D-Jet-Signature which has been specially developed for this application. It is printed onto the 3-D Dusted burgers, which pass beneath the printer on a conveyor, through the dozens of holes in the print heads in a pre-set pattern and at a predefined speed. The burgers then go into the coating machine to receive a coating, the so-called 3D-Jet-Crisp. When the excess is blown off the coating adheres only to the 3D-Jet-Signature made by the FoodJet, ensuring that the chosen pattern is – and remains – clearly visible.”

Endlesss possibilities

With the Jet-Sign® concept, DPS® opens up endless possibilities for its customers. “Manufacturers can create infinite variations to transform standard burgers, for example, into unique products,” says Mark Dobbelsteen. “Not only can you print any desired pattern or shape onto the burgers, but you can also alter the flavour, colour and texture by choosing a different 3D-Jet-crisp. The printed motif can relate to the taste, for example, but you could just as easily decide to print a logo or an image to tie in with topical events such as the 2016 European football championship or suchlike.” With its launch of the Jet-Sign® concept at the upcoming IFFA trade fair, where you will be able to see and sample the wide range of options for yourself, Dutch Protein & Services® is once again demonstrating that it is an innovative ingredient supplier which not only understands the wants and needs of its customers, but also has the desire, the know-how and the solutions to respond to them.