Dutch Protein & Services® exhibits at IFFA in Frankfurt every three years without fail, presenting groundbreaking innovations and further developments to its proven products and solutions – but this year it will not be alone. Thanks to a very special initiative by DPS®, visitors to the company’s stand will help people in developing countries to create a viable livelihood for themselves.

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Social responsibility

Although Dutch Protein & Services® is a commercial enterprise, the company is also very aware of its wider responsibilities and has a corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy in place. As part of this policy, DPS® will be collaborating with aid organisation Oxfam Novib at the upcoming edition of IFFA. Oxfam helps millions of people every year in more than 90 countries. As ambassadors of self-sufficiency and based on people’s strengths and capabilities, the aid organisation provides them with practical and innovative solutions enabling them to build a livelihood for themselves and put an end to poverty. This enables the charity to work efficiently and respond directly to local needs and opportunities. “Metaphorically speaking, rather than giving people some fish Oxfam Novib gives them a fishing rod,” says DPS® owner Chris Driessen when explaining why he chose Oxfam Novib. “Furthermore, it’s a transparent organisation which can show you exactly how it uses your money.”

Chicken-OxfamNovibNW-3-HROxfam Novib

Since IFFA is a global trade event that revolves around food, Dutch Protein & Services® has devised a fitting and targeted campaign so that we can support Oxfam Novib’s worthwhile work together.

When visiting the DPS® stand, please hand your business card to one of the employees present. In return you will receive a small ping pong ball that you can place in the glass jar that is exhibited prominently on the stand. At the end of the event the balls will be counted and DPS® will donate 10 euros to Oxfam Novib for each one.

“Oxfam Novib has promised to tell us how this donation is used. It is primarily intended to help people in developing countries become cattle farmers. This will stimulate trade and hence help to create a sustainable source of food and income. In turn, DPS® will inform everyone who hands in their business card on our stand about the progress of this project,” Chris Driessen adds.