DP&S® fuses tradition with modern processes Doner kebabs in line with customer wishes

DP&S® fuses tradition with modern processes Doner kebabs in line with customer wishes

Doner kebab, which literally means a ‘rotating’ kebab, is regarded as a major innovation in Turkish
cuisine, since it has become known virtually all over the world. The ingredients vary and the product is sometimes even called a different name, such as shawarma, tacos al pastor or Turkish kebab.

But the basis is always the same, and always will be: pieces of meat or minced meat are mixed together, seasoned with herbs and spices, skewered on a spit and grilled vertically.


On a spit

According to most anthropologists humankind first started cooking using fire about 250,000 years ago, although there is no definite proof of that. However, it is likely that the first sorts of kebab were devised as soon as fire was used in food preparation. ‘Kabuba’ in the Sumerian language means ‘cooking on embers’ and in Arabic it means ‘to fry meat’. Under Turkish rule, it acquired today’s meaning: grilled
or broiled meat on a vertical skewer or stick. This delicious meat product is famous far and wide, and today’s consumers can often find it in supermarkets as a convenience product, which means that the product is mass-produced. Nevertheless, it is extremely important that the product retains its originality
and authentic image so that the consumer has the same experience as when buying a doner kebab at a restaurant or fast-food outlet.


Old meets new

The Future Concepts® development team at DP&S® have combined their professional know-how of contemporary ingredients with traditional doner kebab preparation methods. In recent years, this has resulted in the implementation of binding and stabilisation systems for various types of doner kebab in multiple markets. Texture, ease of slicing, the right bite, colour stability and yield are all important
variables that are affected by the characteristics of the meat, the ingredients used and the production process.

Based on the specifications of the available meat, the customer’s process conditions and of course any specific requirements or wishes, DP&S® can produce the optimal doner kebab. Are you curious to know more about the results we can achieve? If so, contact us to discover the opportunities for yourself.

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