DP&S “Veggy & Fruity” | pumpkin and sweet pepper

DP&S “Veggy & Fruity” | pumpkin and sweet pepper

30 June 2020 | You can now enjoy the perfect balance on your sandwich and stick to a fruit & vegetable regimen! Try “Veggy & Fruity”! “Veggy & Fruity” highlights a variety of vegetables, fruit and spices.

We present an innovative approach to sliced cold cuts. With this brand new concept, we remain vegan, we stay low in saturated fat (less than 0,1%), we do not use any allergens and we aim for a presence of at least 50% fruits and vegetables.

This time, the slices on the sandwich are specially made from pumpkin and sweet red pepper.

Let’s focus on our vegetables and fruits. Let’s enjoy what our nature provides and be original!

Contact us to find out more or if you are interested to develop your preferred vegetable and fruit combination!

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