While the number of committed vegetarians and vegans has stagnated, the group of – primarily young – consumers who are taking a lifestyle-conscious approach to reducing their meat intake is growing more rapidly than ever. So it should come as no surprise that Dutch Protein & Services® customers are also taking an interest in these target groups.

DPS_veggieDespite consumers being extremely critical in this respect, DPS® is lending its customers a helping hand with two new products that meet their very highest demands: the Veggy Currywurst and the Veggy Snack.

Veggy currywurst

Imagine the well-known currywurst but then with no animal-derived ingredients. The Veggy Currywurst is formulated from various vegetables including carrots, parsnips, bell peppers and corn. These are supplemented with a combination of slightly larger pieces of textured soy protein and wheat, with a protein content of 70% (Tex Large N71).

The resulting sensation is significantly less dry than with conventional textured ingredients. The vegetables are held together by an emulsion made in the cutter using water and the DPS® Veggy- Mulse. This gives the Veggy Currywurst sufficient firmness, both when the sausage is warm and when it is cooled down for peeling. Finally, the emulsion plus a binding (the Veggy-Bind) ensure a juicy texture and the seasoning mix (the Veggy Curry-Spice) completes the currywurst taste sensation. The Veggy Currywurst can be produced on existing equipment and can be positioned as a low-fat product in addition to as a vegan product. The Veggy Currywurst is cooked in an artificial casing to a core temperature of 78°C.

Veggy snack

A part from being a vegan and low-fat product as described above, the Veggy Snack is also allergen-free. This is a snack product in the shape of a small fish finger, which is produced in a similar way to the Veggy Currywurst. It is made from an emulsion (the Veggy-Mulse), a binding (the Veggy-Bind) and of course a seasoning mix tailored to this product: the Veggy Snack-Spice. The Veggy Snack is formulated from quinoa seeds (which look like grain), parsnips, spinach, sundried tomatoes, chopped onion, pine nuts and corn. The Veggy Snack is pre-fried for 30 seconds at 80°C and is then baked in the oven at 140°C and a dewpoint of 80°C to a core temperature of 78°C.

DPS2016-3-004In-house development at DPS®

The combination of textured soy protein and wheat used for the Veggy Currywurst forms part of the range of textured soy-based proteins that DPS® introduced last year. The company developed these proteins itself based on its desire to improve the structure, bite and mouth-feel of its end products compared with other available Tex options. With Tex Coarse N50, Tex Coarse N67, Tex Large N71 and Tex Large N71E, DPS® offers four types each with different structures and protein contents of between 50 and 72 percent. They are available in the colours neutral and brown.