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DPS For Vegetables

The market for vegetarian and vegan products is growing, providing they are healthy, sustainable and tasty. At DP&S we are continuously working to make our vegetarian products – made from plant-based proteins – even more juicy and delicious. We have developed numerous concepts which appeal not only to staunch vegetarians, but also to ‘flexitarians’. In fact, unique DP&S textured proteins enable the creation of meat-like textures that are difficult to distinguish from real meat, resulting in products such as vegetarian sausages, burgers and nuggets. DP&S also offers an inspiring range of solutions for marinating vegetables, whether fresh or frozen. Our core application markets include coated vegetarian products such as mushrooms, fries and potato wedges, as well as reformed vegetable-based products such as onion rings, veggie burgers and potato specialties.

Product possibilities

Spice Mixes, Spice Marinades, Glazes, Shelf Life Improvers.

Predusts, Adhesion Batters, Specialty breadcrumbs, Tempura Batters, Topcoatings, Oven coatings, Breadings, Rubs.

Texturisers, Emulsifiers, Thickeners, Meat Replacers, Texture Enhancers, Stabilisers, Fat Replacers, Fillings, Toppings.

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Product possibilities

Spicy Topcoatings

A unique powder form taste marinade that can in solution with water be applied as liquid coating on frozen blanched vegetables. After application, the Spicy Topcoating stabilises on the frozen surface of the product. The final product is suitable for reheating in the microwave. During reheating, the Topcoating stays and sticks on the surface of the vegetable product so that the best colour, flavour and taste are maintained. Available in many taste and colour directions, such as for example: Grill, Tandoori, Provençale, BBQ, Hot 'n Spicy, Garlic & Herbs, and so on.

Spice Mixes

Taste and colour can be created by means of our unique high quality spice mixes. Both in a product formulation or as marinade on the outside of the product, many taste directions and sensations are created every day. In further processed vegetable products a liquid or dry DPS spice mix can make the difference in your product. Outside surface marinades can be adjusted for the application. From roasting to slow cooking, and frying to grilling, all options are possible. Some taste directions that are possible can be: US Grill, Buffalo Wing, BBQ, Tandoori, Tikka, Garlic & Herbs, Red Wine & Garlic, Greek, for Döner and kebab, Tomato & Herbs, Hot 'n Spicy, Mustard Yellow, and many more. Application in powder form, in solution with water and in solution with water and oil are standard possibilities.

Glazes and Sprays

Diluted in water and/or oil, these products give colour, taste, a shiny appearance and even in some cases crispiness to vegetable or vegetarian products. Specific functionalities create a perfect adhesion and appearance and make sure that during preparation a maximum of quality is achieved. Our glazes and sprays are available in many taste and colour directions and are suitable for many applications such as freshly packing, oven precooking, steaming, grilling and frying. A few taste options: Red Italian, Grill, Provençale, Indian, Hot 'n Spicy, Buffalo Wing, Sweet Rib, Mustard Yellow, Greek, and so on.

It is always the case that the complete coating system functions in cooperation with the base product. It is therefore of extreme importance that the complete food system is in balance. A change of one aspect can destabilise the functionality completely. Moreover, the cooking parameters influence the functionality again. Fully cooked products require a different functionality than fresh coated products. DPS is known for its complete coating systems. Recently, a full Gluten Free range of coating materials has been introduced.


Usually the first process step in a coating procedure, but can also be used as single coating step in order to give colour or taste. A powder form product that is applied either by hand or by a predusting device. Main functionalities or reasons of application are to improve the adhesion of the coating in general, to improve the yield, to improve crispiness and to import and introduce a specific taste. The DPS predusts are designed to perform either one of those objectives and in many cases they realise more or all of those objectives. Suitable for reformed products but also commonly used for cuts to make for example schnitzels.


A very wide range of batter mixes is used. Usually, an adhesion batter is used as method to stick crumbs and breadings on a product. All DPS batters are supplied in powder form and are diluted in water before usage. Application usually takes place in a batter or tempura dipping machine. A DPS batter is designed for good adhesion, excellent crispiness and a perfect coating stability. Inclusions of taste and colour are options that can be built in upon your request. Viscosity, dilution rates and pick-up are adjusted to product, process and demand.DPS Batters are suitable for all cuts and for reformed products. They can be used in combination with a first predusting step, and with all breading and breadcrumb possibilities.


A very wide range of possibilities exist. Tailor made development is rule rather than exception because the final breading determines not only aspects such as colour, but also taste, texture, stability of the end product, crispiness, yield, price, general appearance and suitability for various reheating processes. In DPS we distinguish both flour type fine powder breadings and the coarser breadcrumb systems. Different applications are ranging from drumbreaders to predust machines to breadcrumb machines. Various flour breadings are available for drumbreaders and predusting machines that include taste and are designed to function in pressure fryers or open fryers and are made for both cuts and reformed products. In terms of breadcrumb systems, many colours, sizes and tastes are available.

Specialty Crumbs

A wide range of specialty crumbs is offered. Use of specific flavour combinations and attractive colours make the best attraction of your product. Various origins of coating types can be included such as extruded type materials made from vegetables, potato, rice, corn as well as Japanese types and Super Crisp types of breadcrumbs.

Tempura Batters

Designed for its ability to puff and expand, these powder formed products form a thick solution when diluted in water. Specific production methods are required to achieve a constant and perfect result. A perfect result is characterised by a very airy and crispy product after the final frying step, a good adhesion to the surface of the base product and a minimised oil pick-up. The colour and taste of this product type can be adjusted to your specific requirements. This concept is usually used in combination with a predusting step and since the tempura batter is applied as liquid, fixation of the coating is done by frying. Our new revolutionary Vegetable Tempura Batter is even guaranteeing NO FAT at all!


Specific batters that are used as a topcoating around coated or non-coated products. The powderform products are diluted in water and applied in a batter machine. Since the Topcoatings are applied as liquid, they need to be fixed by a frying / cooking step. There are various reasons to apply a topcoating around various products. Reasons include: an up to 40% reduction in oil/fat pick-up during pre-frying, and increased crispiness of the final product, making the final product suitable for oven reheating, keeping crispiness of products for a long time after preparation in hot cabinet storage, improving colour and taste, preventing darkening or even burning, improving drastically the yield of fully cooked products, and so on. Many applications are known and Dutch Protein & Services has built a vast experience in this field over the past years.

Oven Coatings

oating systems based on breadcrumb coatings that do not need frying in oil to become crispy. These full coating concepts realise traditional crispiness and colour without frying, and without carrying fat. Usually applied in 4 stages: a dry predust, a water diluted special oven batter, a breading followed by the last Spray Oven Topcoating that is diluted in water. This system is designed for fully oven cooked products. It goes without saying that reheating is done in the oven. Prevention of oil and fat is guaranteed as well as an excellent crispiness. Colour and taste can be tailored to your wishes.

Vegetal Proteins

Various protein sources are used to optimise texture, juiciness and binding/stabilising capabilities. Dutch Protein & Services is known to maximise protein functionality either from the base material or by adding specific proteins that work in combination with specially developed binders and stabilisers. Origins of proteins can be pork, beef, soja, rice, pea, lupine, wheat, and so on. Both water and fat stability is created and even emulsion strengths and stabilities are created according to the specific product and recipe.

Dietary Fibres

Many fibre applications and origins are marketed by DPS. Not only as part of nutritional advantages but also for functionalities such as water binding capacity, structural effects and stabilising features. Various origins such as beef, wheat, bamboo, fruit, vegetable, pea, rice, and so on are standard. Mostly tailored products with multiple origins of combined fibres are offered to meet specific demands on binding/stabilising and textural features.


This product range is truly diverse. As soon as a certain base material or a combination of base materials is reformed or reshaped, focus goes out to binding the individual components evenly together. Different components or particles can range from whole muscles to ground or even separated or emulsified raw materials. Depending on the desired texture, mouth feel, fat % and cost objective, an amount of water and/or fat is usually added. The components that are then present need to be bound together so that the desired texture of the final product is achieved. Besides texture and aspects as yield upon cooking or frying, formability in further processing production lines, uniformity and stability during shelf life are important parameters. A vast experience within Dutch Protein & Services always guarantees you the right texture and structure for the right price.


Water and fat do not like each other. When mixed together, separation into 2 phases results if nothing is done to link the fat and water particles together and to reduce the surface tension between those two phases. Emulsifiers are suitable to realise just that. Dutch Protein & Services creates the best emulsifying capabilities by combining specific emulsifiers and by creating emulsions capacities and strengths suited for each individual product. The resulting emulsions are cold or hot stabilised and get their strength through ingredient combination, specific ratio of presence of water, fat and ingredients, and the specific process that is in place to make the emulsion. Emulsions can be used in many ways, for example as fat replacers, or can be processed as such.


Dutch Protein & Services specialises in tailored stabilisers that are added to improve specific characteristics of a product, thereby actually stabilising the system. The stabilisers of DP&S are usually added in low amounts and function specifically in each product and process. Examples include improving or creating freeze/thaw stability, improving or creating required textures and structures (gummy, fibrous, gelly, elastic, loose, tender, and so on), creating improved yields with maintaining the best qualities, and improving the behaviour of products during preparation and consumption. Many different combinations of ingredients and additives are used. The specific application and base recipe is always the guideline for proposing the best functioning stabiliser.

Reliable and Fast Deliveries

Dutch Protein & Services maintains on average a lead time of 5 to 7 working days for production and preparation of orders. All orders are freshly produced unless otherwise requested. This always ensures the freshest and highest product quality. A vast experience is present when it comes to shipments both inside and outside the European Union. DPS organises all deliveries in close cooperation with her customers and agents or distributors and has built up extensive distribution networks. Reliability and speed are very important objectives and are an integral part of our business model and business objectives.

Complete Concept Development

Product concepts are designed within the Future Concepts Department (See DPS Future Concepts under Company Info) or in full confidentiality with our customers. In both cases, the raw materials are transformed into new product concepts suitable for a variety of markets and countries. Conceptual thinking is involved in order to answer specific questions on ingredient and product technology, marketing, price, labelling, allergens, sustainability, efficiency or other relevant topics. DPS works in close cooperation with leading research institutes, universities and equipment manufacturers to guarantee the best and newest ideas and concepts on a continuous basis. Innovation is key in order to continue to offer growth potential to our customers.

Product Development

A team of product developers and food engineers develops for Future Concepts (See DPS Future Concepts under Company Info) and on confidential basis for customers. Additionally, all account managers and sales representatives have a technological background enabling additional product development capacity on the factory floors. Development of specific requirements for ingredients, products, recipes, qualities, applications, cost improvements, labelling and so on are included in the daily operations. Committing to fast, correct and efficient development is extremely important for DPS and forms the centre of successful cooperation with our customers.

Production Set-Up Assistance

The Service of DPS is never far away! The DPS sales team stands for technology and experience. The true value of DPS ingredients is proved in practise. To assist our customers to maximise this value the experts of DPS are eager to work jointly together to fine tune recipes, production settings, qualities, procedures, and to assist in any other field required in order for you, our customer to become more successful.

All Know how that we have available

Due to the broad fields of activity in the food industry, the continuous investment in quality and loyalty of the DPS Team, and the vast amount of contacts and relations, much Know-How has been built up in over 50 years of existence. It is embedded in the foundations of DPS. All customers have automatic and free access to know-how that is available. DPS considers the available know-how as automatic part of the product, service, and company image and believes that fruitful cooperation is based on exchange of know how.

Fat Replacers

Specific replacement of fat can be achieved with the unique Fat Replacers of DPS. Healthier products that are lower in fat content are realised by specific emulsions and gels that are created. Frequently, cost advantages are realised simultaneously. By processing the powder form fat replacers according to specific guidelines, spreadable and hard fat can be imitated both in cold as well as hot applications. Specific fat replacers can be proposed to add juiciness to the vegetable or vegetarian product without effecting the stability of the product.

Salt Replacers

DPS has invested in Research that enables Sodium replacement in vegetable and vegetarian products and formulations. Sodium is not only added in products through table salt. Other sources such as anti-oxidants, stabilisers and other additives can also be a Sodium source in products. To minimise the Sodium content, DPS looks at the total picture and there are various solutions for its' replacement. You are welcome to try our table salt replacement that contains 60% less sodium and creates no off-taste and brings the same saltiness to products. Or feel free to try to look at sodium replacement from the product point of view and consider all sources of Sodium and together with us reach a total sodium decrease in your products.

Vegetarian Meat, Poultry and Fish Replacers

DPS specialises in the development of vegetarian products. Excellent textures, that on request can easily match textures of meat, poultry or fish products, are obtained by using plant sources of proteins and binders in combination with for example vegetables, fruits and so on.

Fillings / Toppings

The DPS Instant Fillings are specifically developed for superb taste and texture, ease in use, and stability during shelf life and preparation. The various powder form fillings are mixed with other ingredients, such as water, oil, butter, tomato paste, yoghurt and so on: to become reformable or spreadable fillings or toppings. During processing, constant viscosities in a broad temperature area make that uniform and accurate dosage is achieved. Upon heating, DPS considers for its products always processing, storage conditions and various heating methods. The filling or topping melts to the desired fluidity creating always the best quality and eating experience.


Words cannot express the true functionality of this revolutionary marinade concept. This is why we have chosen to illustrate it with some example videos. The advantages are endless. Through specific coating/spraying steps, a protective shiny liquid marinade is applied and due to the specific DPS ingredient technology an instant drying of the liquid marinade is realised. So, a liquid marinade that becomes dry. No more dirty fingers, more colours and flavours together in one pack, clean packing and processing lines, true stability and much lower marinade costs are only a few advantages. More video material is available on demand.

Gluten Free / Clean Label

DPS has a vast Research and Development background in clean label and gluten free products. All mentioned product ingredient groups can be supplied in a clean label and gluten free variety. Without the use of allergens and additives all product features that are needed can be realised. Coating crispiness and appearance, binding and emulsifying strengths, marinade features including or excluding taste components, and so on. DPS guarantees that its' gluten free products do not carry more than 20 ppm gluten. Tailored development is possible, the possibilities are endless.

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