Kids love it

Kids love it

We all want our children to eat a vegetable-rich diet, but most of them are far from keen. Every parent is used to hearing “I don’t like it”. DP&S® combines healthy with tasty.

There is no point in developing a healthy snack for kids unless children actually like how it tastes. Future Concepts®, the product development department within DP&S®, rose to the challenge. The result: healthy vegetables, virtually fat free and low in salt – yet tasty too. Plus it looks just like that old favourite the chicken nugget, and is an equally appealing and healthy snack option for adults.

In the spirit of full disclosure: the product also includes a certain amount of chicken fillet. But more than half of it is made from vegetables. A mass of chopped veggies and pieces of chicken with a farce made from water, chicken fillet and a vegetable binding agent is prepared.

The DP&S® vegetable binding agent is added carefully to create an optimal texture and cohesion. After reforming in the desired shape, simply pre-dust and then, after the application of the DP&S® ‘NO-FAT’ tempura coating, place it straight in the simmer tank – naturally without using oil or fat. And yet it is still pleasantly dry and crispy.

The vegetables used have been selected based on children’s taste preferences, and Future Concepts® developed the product in close collaboration with a Michelin-starred chef.

It is fair to say that the DP&S® ‘NO-FAT’ tempura coating is unique – not only because it is also made of vegetables and chicken, but more importantly because DP&S® specially developed it for this concept. The tempura represents a revolutionary coating method which can also be used for other products.

If you want children to grow up eating a healthy diet that includes vegetables, you have to start somewhere, is DP&S®’s attitude … and the company has got it right first time.