Whether for a natural ham with a relatively high injected content yet also with a high meat percentage in the end product, or for tender, juicy beef with a high margin – with its revolutionary MEATinMEAT® technology, Dutch Protein & Services® improves not only the quality but also the profitability of your products. Thanks to DPS®, this dream combination has become reality!

DPS_MEAT_in_MEATDuring the MEATinMEAT® Event in June last year, many attendees were able to get their first taste of the interesting new concept of the same name which uses existing techniques such as injection and coextrusion for new applications. Since then, numerous manufacturers of meat and meat-based products have expressed a strong interest, especially in the idea of injecting meat into meat.

DPS2016_02_023Natural ham

However, DPS® hasn’t been resting on its laurels since its successful event in Tiel. At IFFA the innovative ingredients supplier will be presenting two commonplace products that benefit from both better quality and better profitability thanks to the MEATinMEAT® technology. For one thing, the method of injecting a ham with a brine that has been enhanced with an emulsion of pork off-cuts has a positive effect on the quality of the ham. “You can work with a higher injection percentage because injecting meat has a positive effect on the structure of the ham,” explains Chris Driessen, who is a qualified food technologist.

“…it not only improves the quality of the cooked end product but also boosts profitability.”

“This results in a more natural end product with a higher meat content than when it is injected with brine only. And because this one of the best ways to valorise the off-cuts, it not only improves the quality of the cooked end product but also boosts profitability.”

Juice beef

Because the brine used with the MEATinMEAT® technology contains meat, it is possible to inject it closer to the surface and more of it remains in the primary meat product. “This enables us to obtain an optimal result with cooked beef, for example,” comments the DPS® owner, who has tested the method extensively with his Future Concepts® development team. They took the round of the topside and an injection brine containing an emulsion of beef off-cuts. They opted for a high injection percentage and, after being injected, the meat was tumbled, sliced and cooked sous-vide. Chris Driessen describes the outcome: “This shortens the cooking time, increases the profit margin and the meat is still tender and juicy, even after it has been re-heated for consumption, making it an ideal solution for pre-cooked products in catering and foodservice,” he concludes. Needless to say, you can also learn more about the MEATinMEAT® technology from the knowledgeable DPS® specialists during IFFA, as well as sampling these products for yourself.