Naturally fresher

Naturally fresher

If you are aiming to extend the shelf life and colour stability of your meat, many different paths lead to the same goal. At IFFA, DP&S® will be introducing the best route: a path that is free of E number. The natural alternative.

When processing beef and/or pork into end products, you are able to influence the colour stability and shelf life without a hitch. However, in order to ensure the desired functionalities, you are currently using EU-approved additives which have been assigned an E number.

In light of the growing desire to increase the naturalness of products, DP&S® has developed a natural alternative for controlling the colour stability and shelf life of meat preparations and processed meats.

“By focusing on the aW value in combination with natural antioxidants and plant-based extracts from various fruits and spices,” reveals Mark Dobbelsteen, R&D Manager, when we ask him how DP&S® has managed to pull this off. “Our applications for beef, pork and poultry are all aligned with the particular kind of meat and its fat content.”

According to Mark, this solution using natural ingredients without E numbers now enables you to extend the colour stability and shelf life of your products by as much as 3 to 4 days.